Beyond Masala: Bollywood’s Global Impact on Cinema

    Bollywood, India’s colourful film industry, has been capturing the hearts of audiences around the world for decades. However, its influence goes beyond infectious music and vivid dance routines.

    Bollywood, India’s colourful film industry, has been capturing the hearts of audiences around the world for decades. However, its influence goes beyond infectious music and vivid dance routines. Bollywood films have had an entirely intriguing impact on global cinema, both subtly and overtly.

    A Gateway to Indian culture

    For many people, Bollywood is an introduction to everything Indian. They give the audience not just a story, but also show diverse Indian traditions, customs of various regions, and Indian beauty, including picturesque overviews of the country. The exposure effect is highly impactful as many fans want to try out the local food, clothes, and even learn some Indian words.

    A template for musical narrative

    There is no Bollywood cinema without songs and dances. Long dance routines are tradition in Bollywood cinema, and their liking significantly influenced other filmmakers. Especially, it includes film industries of other Asian countries. South Korean filmmakers, for example, use the same recitals as their Indian colleagues. Although the Korean song and dance numbers are performed with less fervency, they still carefully follow the Bollywood scenario. Even Western cinemas reflect this impact. For example, in Slumdog Millionaire (2008) the protagonist and his brother accidentally become participants in the local version of the television show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”. The plot is developing – and in the next second, they perform a dynamic dance in the style of Bollywood on the air.

    Secret of masala

    A masala is a classic Indian dish made up of various ingredients. Similarly, Bollywood movies are a kind of multi-component films. A so-called masala film is a drama with elements of an action movie, comedy, melodrama, thriller, and complementary musical numbers. The uniqueness of such films lies in the fact that the viewer is served everything on one plate. Depending on the plot, the fil The idea of a masala film has been a revelation for Western filmmakers. For example, American authors previously made up their minds to make a melodrama or a comedy, but Indian films have taught them to use a mix of different genres. Most superhero movies are made in a state of masala film. For example, in Suicide Squad (2016) in cool fight scenes, there are always humorous inserts.

    From melodrama to social drama Remakes and adaptations:

    The rise of the cross-pollination of ideas. Besides, Bollywood made an impact on the field of remakes and adaptations. Indian studios often release remakes of successful Hollywood films with their special cultural shading. The trend has recently manifested itself in the opposite direction when Hollywood chose several Indian hits to film. Such cross-pollination of ideas can only enrich the film with new views and techniques of narrative.

    Power of stars:

    the bridge to the celebrity culture. Another area where Bollywood plays into the global arena is the scale of fans of the actors. Many of them are just as popular in the world as the actors and actresses from Hollywood. Generally, the celebrity culture in Bollywood has become a bridge between national cultures and created a general point of contact for fans in all countries. Moreover, international companies are increasingly using Indian actors to create their advertisements, which only expands the influence of the industry.

    Challenges and the road ahead.

    Of course, Bollywood has several areas where it can develop. Critics often talk about the lack of identity and stereotypes when creating representative films. Thus, the industry should undoubtedly preserve one’s identity and strive to continue developing and creating representative products for the world market.

    Continuing influence.

    Thus, the influence of Bollywood on the context of the international development of cinematography cannot be overstated. It affects its themes, shows to the viewer all the best in Indian culture, and also becomes a push for the development of new genres and narratives. Therefore, there is no doubt that Bollywood will affect the immense audience in the world of viewers regardless of the geographical point of their residence.



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