Divya Agarwal Addresses Divorce Rumors with Apurva: ‘What Are They Expecting, Babies Or..?

    Model Divya Agarwal recently stirred up her fans’ world when she decided to delete all wedding pictures with her husband Apurva Padgaonkar.

    For several weeks Divya Agarwal has deleted photos of her with her husband Apurva Padgaonkar from her Instagram page and this has surprised many people to the extent of speculating that; she was divorcing him. It was a mix of shock and pleasant surprise to see the actress put out a lengthy message on her Instagram stories assuring fans that all is well with her marriage. She stated that she had deleted many other posts from her account but the media ‘only chose to see and react, to my marriage.

    Divya Agarwal divorce

    Divya further said that she is not interested in having herself featured in the media anymore, and her work should be the main topic of discussion in ‘the media’. When Divya posted these messages on Twitter, the media were quick to see her as a loud woman with something to say, a storyteller who deleted 2500 of her posts yet they did not see her as a woman whose sole existence in the public sphere is due to her marriage.

    “It is so hilarious how people observe and anticipate me to do something new. I did something people did never anticipate from me all the time what are they anticipating now my babies or divorce? None of that is happening. But in real life, my first pinned post on my profile (Cartel review) is what I want to discuss from now on. Every movie ends with a happy end and by the grace of God my husband is snoring onto

    Divya and Apurva became man and wife on February 20 this year at a wedding ceremony that only had the couple and a few of our selected friends and relatives. In an interview with Etimes before her wedding, she was quoted saying, “He has given me a new life When my father died leaving us I stopped going to the temple I stopped believing, But he connected me with my faith again for this I shall always thank him. “

    Drawing a parallel of the changes that came into her life with Apurva, Divya said, “I think he made me feel what I am feeling as I became the Divya Agarwal in between but now I am again what I was before earlier I feel and the credit goes to Apurva that I am now I am progressing in life I am a very grounded actress, I do not want 10 people around me to do things.

    Beardmob boyfriend Apurva Padgaonkar:

    Divya Agrawal’s deleted posts indicate some issues in their relationship. Indi-from Apparently, Divya remained ambiguous about the issue and was quoted saying; ‘I do not wish to talk about it at the moment. ’ It is not known why they removed the posts involving her husband, but their removal has led to many questions being raised. Even though the couple was photographed with smiles on their faces while together recently at an event, the fans could not believe if the divorce rumors were true or fake. It may be quite unbelievable for many to hear of such problems a few months after their marriage, and yet, after only three months into their marriage.

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