Dream Scenario: Nicolas Cage’s Fantasy Film OTT Release Date

    Where to watch Dream Scenario?

    Reports indicate that the film Dream Scenario will be accessible on two platforms. It will stream on Amazon Prime Video. Additionally, it will be available through Lionsgate.


    The film Dream Scenario centers on Paul Matthews, a man bestowed with a remarkable ability. This power catapults him into the limelight as he starts appearing in people’s dreams. With each passing day, Paul’s celebrity status escalates as more individuals recognize him. His presence becomes a magnet for crowds; they flock to him, capturing his every move on video to share across social media platforms. Paul revels in his newfound stardom, shining like a true celebrity. However, his life takes a dramatic twist. What was once a dreamy existence turns nightmarish. His elation fades into anguish. The film leaves viewers in suspense, wondering how Paul will navigate this dark turn of events and what measures he will take to reclaim his peace.


    • Nicolas Cage portrays Paul Matthews, the lead character.
    • Julianne Nicholson plays Janet Matthews, Paul’s counterpart.
    • Lily Bird takes on the role of Sophie Matthews.
    • Kate Berlant portrays Mary.
    • Dylan Baker appears as Richard.
    • Dylan Gelula embodies Molly.
    • Tim Meadows is Brett.
    • Michael Cera portrays Trent.
    • Jessica Clement plays Hannah Matthews.
    • David Klein takes on the character of Andy.
    • Lily Gao appears as the Realtor.
    • Noah Centineo embodies Dylan.
    • Nicholas Braun portrays Brian Berg.
    • Amber Midthunder plays Haley.

    The ensemble cast brings these intriguing characters to life in Dream Scenario.

    Watch The Trailer Here

    About Dream Scenario

    Dream Scenario boasts a production team led by Lars Knudsen, Nicolas Cage, Jacob Jaffke, Tyler Campellone, and Ari Aster. The film is a collaborative effort, produced under the banners of A24, Saturn Films, and Square Peg. The visual storytelling is captured through the lens of cinematographer Benjamin Loe, while the narrative flow is crafted by editor Kristoffer Borgli. This team’s combined expertise and vision come together to shape the cinematic experience of the movie.

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