Unveiling JNU: Jahangir National University – Movie Plot Synopsis

    On March 19, 2024, the movie’s teaser became available on YouTube. Viewers could watch it and get a glimpse of what the movie had in store. It lasted for one minute and sixteen seconds.

    JNU: Jahangir National University presents itself as a university that develops an interest in anti-nationalist movements; as a result, the government and a few national heroes will defend the nation against this university.

    Plot of the Movie

    Sourabh Sharma, a former small-town resident, is currently a student at JNU. He becomes agitated by the anti-national actions of left-wing students and speaks out against them. Akhilesh Pathak, also known as “baba,” serves as Sourabh’s charioteer and mentor. Richa becomes Sourabh’s life companion and a pillar of support. They face significant challenges from the right-wing as Sourabh enters JNU politics. Sourabh makes history by winning one of the ongoing elections at JNU. The left gang is infuriated by Sourabh’s entry and challenges. As a counselor, he opposes the leftists’ anti-national agenda. He advocates for JNU students, gaining popularity among the student body.

    With Baba’s backing, Sourabh continues to oppose both the love jihad taking place in the institute and all of their anti-national demonstrations. In 2014, Sourabh defeated the dominant left-wing party to win the post of joint secretary of the university. He upended the left-wing’s whole ruling coalition. The coalition was backed by the university administration. Sourabh’s victory marked a significant shift in the university’s political landscape. Left-leaning students objected to the government’s 2019 announcement that Arushi Ghosh, the head of the JNU student union, would be raising tuition. Students from the ABVP who were defending the fee hike supporters also suffered severe beatings.

    Later, with local support, ABVP students banded together and engaged in violent acts against the left wing one night at JNU.

    Releasing of JNU Movie Poster

    The poster shows a raised hand. It represents the struggle for common people’s rights. It is clenched in the hands of red hands. These red hands represent the triumph of socialist philosophy. Furthermore, banners are flying in the background. They bear the phrases “Jai Shri Ram” and “Lal Salaam.” These phrases signify the total domination of Marxist ideology in the campus.

    The release of this new poster raises the possibility of more controversy. This is particularly true in light of the communist groups’ recent success in the JNU student elections. The movie “JNU: Jahangir National University” had attracted interest before. Its first two posters also received a lot of press publicity.

    According to producer Pratima Datta, the movie JNU is essential since it will showcase young students’ perspectives in a visually engaging manner. The poster’s primary message is communicated by the flags of Lal Salaam and Jai Shri Ram fluttering.

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