Love Series Together! Top 5 Indian web series for couples

    There is certainly a perfect match for each couple, and check the top 5 picks from love comedies to dramas triggering conversations and endorphins

    Have you ever thought of strolling through a series with your lover? Instead of watching boring comedies, consider exploring different Indian web series. There is certainly a perfect match for each couple. Check the top 5 picks from love comedies to dramas triggering conversations and endorphins:

    Broken But Beautiful from ALTBalaji

    love webseries

    An Imperfect Love: The whirlwind of emotions with Veer as a brooding musician played by Vikrant Massey and Sameera as a hot-headed actress by Harleen Kaur tell a story of a new romance. Prior heartbreaks left both ending and drawing close to each other.

    Love and Flaws: Their unconventional love is a beautiful narrative of love overcoming hardship. Love is never perfect, but Broken But Beautiful portrays love at its most significant fault.

    Three Seasons: With three seasons released, one may embark on love, loss, and self-improvement for these original young characters and find bliss in each other.

    Permanent Roommates from TVFPlay

    love webseries

    A Story of Distance: Mikesh by Sumeet Vyas and Tanya, played by Nidhi Singh, narrate a tale of linked longing episodes that test their reacquaintance after many years apart.* Realistic Love. The storyline evokes realism considering that everyone knows couples in similar scenarios.

    Share Laughs: This web series is perfect for a light-hearted watch and great days of having a long conversation, illustrating how stressful miscommunication, fluffy expectations, and living together may be.

    Little Things on Netflix

    love webseries

    Everyday love stories: Episodes track the experiences of Dhruv and his girlfriend Kavya. The program commemorates simple life moments, memories, and little acts as the essence of love. It acts as the ideal show to relive those physiological knowledge and life skills.

    Celebration of the mundane: The Netflix show epitomizes the idea that love is at the core of our most mundane lives. Thus, the show serves as a revitalizing tonic to recall the charm and for followers to celebrate native togetherness.

    Aani Kay Hava (Marathi) on Disney+ Hotstar 

    love webseries

    Marvelous Marathi: If you’re exploring other regional enjoyments, you must see Aani Kay Hava, where Anuradha and Anand, life-long pals, fall unreservedly in love. –

    Second chances at love: This show looks at the various paths where hearts find home, the influences of culture, and how love regularly surprises us.

    Emotional depth: Watch Aani Kay Hava for a refreshing look through the lens of love, misery, and bravery.

    Baarish on ALTBalaji 

    love webseries

    Second marriage and chance: Middle-aged characters in Aani Kay Hava are forced to face exceptional social complexities. Shreya and Ananya have had their best shares and trials with failure.

    Love in unexpected corners: Baarish reveals the presence in impossible areas of real love.

    Mature exploration of relationships: without a doubt, Baarish provides a more adult and serious perspective on relationships, making it perfect for a couple looking for more well-thought-out characters and themes.

    So, order some snacks and snuggle up on the couch—these Indian web series will bring you closer to incredible love! Laugh, joke, cry, and most importantly, appreciate the special connection you have with your love!



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