Randeep Hooda Opens Up About His Longtime Connection with Lin Laishram: ‘Living Together During Lockdown’

    Recently, Randeep Hooda traveled to Delhi to premiere the teaser for his upcoming film, Swatantra Veer Savarkar. He plays the part of the freedom fighter in this movie. In addition to being his first film released since his marriage to actor Lin Laishram in November of last year, this film also marks his directing debut.

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    Randeep spoke at the function about his many firsts, which included directing Swatantra Veer Savarkar and getting cast with Chris Hemsworth in the Hollywood picture Extraction. In the midst of unrest in the state, he also disclosed some personal information regarding his marriage in Manipur.

    In order to respect Lin’s culture and show her the appreciation she deserves, Randeep clarified that he decided to hold a traditional Manipuri wedding. They chose to go ahead with the ceremony in spite of the delicate situation that existed in Manipur at the time.

    And that was not what my family or I had anticipated. As a matter of fact, there was no internet, and we were awestruck. Why are our photos all over the place? Thus, my group began sharing them and doing other things as well. However, the reception we received caught us off guard.”

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    He talked about the Meiti-style wedding, complimented Lin’s outfit, and said how much he respected her cultural customs. After that, the actor talked about several heartwarming moments from the event, including as his mother’s emotional response and his own sense of anticipation when he saw Lin. Because of the scientific value of their customs, he also urged people to investigate and accept their ancestry.

    Randeep further disclosed that although he and Lin had been acquainted for a long time, they had just moved in together during the lockdown. He said, “She was there,” remembering their first encounter at a performance. She arrived as – a lot of people used to visit and assist us, as well as eager pupils and other things of that nature. She is an actor, then. She has been in a lot of movies, and in my opinion, she is an excellent actor. Nothing else but her appearance has led to fewer roles for her. That’s how we initially met, and it wasn’t love at first sight or a spark. That is not the deeper nature of our relationship.”

    On November 29, Randeep and Lin tied the knot at Chumthang Sanapung in Imphal. Randeep won people over by embracing his fiancée Lin’s Manipuri culture. The pair married in a “Meitei” tradition, where the tulsi plant serves as the focal point of the ceremonies. They had a small reception party for their guests here in Mumbai following their private wedding in Manipur.

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