Ranveer Singh Deepfake Video: Actor Files FIR Against Misrepresentation

    Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh is taking a stand against misinformation. Singh has filed a police complaint against a social media account that spread a deepfake video portraying him endorsing a political candidate.

    Ranveer Singh Deepfake Video Misrepresents Actor’s Views

    The video, which went viral recently, showed Singh seemingly criticizing the government’s economic policies. The visuals were genuine footage from a past interview, but the audio was manipulated using artificial intelligence (AI) to create a fake voiceover.

    Singh’s spokesperson confirmed legal action. “We have filed a police complaint and an FIR [First Information Report] has been lodged against the handle that was promoting the AI-generated deepfake video of Mr. Ranveer Singh,” they stated.

    Raising Awareness on Deepfakes

    Prior to legal action, Singh took to social media to warn his fans about the dangers of deepfakes. “Deepfake se bacho doston (Friends, beware of deepfakes),” he wrote on his Instagram Stories.

    Ranveer Singh Deepfake Video Not the First One

    This incident is not an isolated one. Earlier this year, a deepfake video featuring actor Aamir Khan endorsing a political party surfaced online. Khan’s team promptly clarified that he has never endorsed any political party throughout his career.

    Concerns Over Deepfakes Grow

    The rise of deepfakes has sparked concerns about their potential to spread misinformation and manipulate public opinion, especially during elections. These videos can be highly convincing, making it difficult for viewers to distinguish between real and fake content.

    Legal Landscape Unclear

    Currently, there are no specific laws in India to address deepfakes. However, legal experts believe that existing laws on defamation, impersonation, and public mischief can be used to tackle the issue. Singh’s legal action could set a precedent for future deepfake cases.

    Need for Regulation and Education

    Experts propose a multi-pronged approach to combat deepfakes. This includes developing robust regulations to hold creators and distributors of malicious deepfakes accountable. Additionally, promoting media literacy and educating the public on how to identify deepfakes is crucial.

    Actor’s Action Against Ranveer Singh Deepfake Video Sends a Message

    Ranveer Singh’s decision to fight back against deepfakes sends a strong message. It highlights the growing threat of manipulated content and the need for stricter regulations and increased public awareness. As deepfake technology continues to evolve, tackling this issue will become increasingly important to maintain a healthy information ecosystem.


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