Review of Bhakshak: Led by Bhumi Pednekar, this social satire opens your eyes and forces you to examine yourself

    Everyone should watch Pulkit’s fantastic social satire Bhakshak, which stars Bhumi Pednekar, Sanjay Mishra, Aditya Srivastava, and other actors. Netflix is currently streaming the movie.


    • Excellent social satire, Bhakshak has the potential to affect some constructive changes in society as a whole.
    • Netflix is now streaming Bhakshak.

    • Name: Bhakshak
    • Cast: Bhumi Pednekar,Sai Tamhankar,Sanjay Mishra
    • Rating: 4 / 5

    Bhakshak directed by Pulkit and starring Bhumi Pednekar, Sanjay Mishra, Aditya Srivastava and others is a hard-hitting social drama about the sexual exploitation of underage orphan girls in a child shelter home in Munawwarpur. It is one of the most important Indian films in recent times.


    A struggling Patna news reporter named Vaishali Singh (Bhumi Pednekar) co-owns the Koshish News YouTube channel with cameraman Bhaskar Sinha (Sanjay Mishra). In a Social Audit Report that Guptaji (Durgesh Kumar), an informant, gives Vaishali, it is said that minors living in a Munawwarpur shelter home are being sexually abused. Vaishali, after putting up a fight, makes the decision to investigate further and find out whether or not what has been reported about the shelter home is accurate. Vaishali quickly learns that she is up against forces that are quite strong and have political support.

    What works for Bhakshak:

    One of the most significant movies of the past few years is Bhakshak. Through its course, this somber, spine-chilling, and compassionately performed societal satire makes you doubt yourself several times. This movie is a work of art in every way, from the acting and other technical elements to the screenplay and direction. It’s genuinely unsettling because of how disturbing its criticism is on the world we live in. The greatest thing about Bhakshak is that it teaches its audience how powerful they are and how they can use that power to improve and make our world a safer place. Being silent when injustice is taking place in front of your eyes will not benefit you in any way.

    What doesn’t work for Bhakshak:

    Absolutely nothing is ineffective for Bhakshak. Pulkit is just a great director of a movie.

    Performances In Bhakshak:

    In her role as news reporter Vaishali Singh, Bhumi Pednekar gives a powerful and poignant performance. When she gets home late one night, she has a heated argument with her on-screen spouse Arvind Singh (Surya Sharma).

    As cameraman Bhaskar Sinha, Sanjay Mishra is incredibly dependable. Just having him around makes the proceedings better.

    The best performer is without a doubt Aditya Srivastava, who plays Bansi Sahu, the trustee of the refuge for girls who have lost their parents. You will have nightmares after seeing his nefarious smirk in the final scene.

    Durgesh Kumar, Satkyakam Anand, Sai Tamhankar, Chittaranjan Tripathy, and Surya Sharma are among the other excellent supporting actors in the movie, which elevates Bhakshak to a whole new level.

    Final Verdict Of Bhakshak:

    Everybody should watch Bhakshak since it is a faultless movie. It is a potent work of art with the potential to effect significant change. Go watch Bhakshak on Netflix right now.

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