Home Decor Trends: Inspiring Interior Design Ideas for Every Taste

    Whether you’re seeking to revitalize your living space or considering a fresh hue for the kitchen, you’ll find inspiration right here. Designers and home editors, including myself, love predicting the home decor trends that will grace homes each year. Even if a trend doesn’t fit your style, it’s still fun to discover the latest color palettes and décor elements. In short, exploring the top interior design trends for 2022 is worthwhile.

    In 2021, the focus was on style and practicality, like self-cleaning bidets. This year, trends include bringing nature indoors, exploring patterns, textures, and drawing from past design eras.

    Collaborating with interior designers, we reveal this year’s top home decor trends and beyond. Use their insights to elevate spaces like your kitchen or bedroom, or simply indulge in envisioning your dream home. It’s both practical and enjoyable!

    Personal Libraries

    “I’ve observed a growing trend of families investing in home libraries. It seems they’re realizing that not everything needs to be accessed through a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.”

    Playing with Patterns

    “We’re incorporating more patterns into our designs, and our clients are loving it. Instead of going overboard with bold prints everywhere, we’re opting for a balanced approach. Mixing patterned wallpaper with structured flooring like stone or wood in designs such as herringbone or chevron adds visual interest without overwhelming the space.”

    Textural Elements

    “Textures will extend beyond furniture and rugs this year. Tongue and groove boards on ceilings enhance architectural appeal with an earthy texture. Curtains can beautifully filter light and introduce softness to rooms. Lighting choices can also introduce textural elements based on the materials used.”

    Decor Inspiration from the 1980s

    “The 80s revival is in full swing: mauve gray geometrics are making a comeback! Those vintage store finds from past decades are craving coordinating fabric rugs or wall coverings to complete the look.”

    Daring Patterns and Vibrant Colors

    “I anticipate a resurgence of bold colors and patterns reminiscent of the 60s and 70s, with various shades of green leading the way as we blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. I particularly admire the softer tones of green, like Sherwin-Williams’ Evergreen Fog, which I’ve incorporated into my own bedroom

    Embracing ‘Fresh’ Warm Neutrals

    “Paint and color trends are shifting towards warmer and earthier tones for home interiors. Palettes featuring soft yellows, pale pinks, and cozy browns are emerging as refreshing and modern neutrals.”

    According to interior designer Natalia Miyar, incorporating delicate pinks, soft neutrals, and warm browns can help achieve a natural, modern, and uncluttered aesthetic, while also creating a cozy and comforting atmosphere in any room.

    These hues can serve as accents in furnishings or as the dominant color scheme. I’ve observed that they complement each other best when paired together, as their warm undertones foster a cohesive feel among the colors.

    Bold Stoneware Statements

    “We’re drawn to rich veining and strong contrasts in stone, and we anticipate seeing more of this trend in 2024. This will manifest in various forms, from the stone types themselves—such as soapstone and travertine, which are less common—to juxtaposing contrasting stones within the same space. It’s all about embracing maximalism, which is a design trend in its own right.”

    “Although I initially had reservations about incorporating granite into our projects, we’ve gradually begun to utilize it more frequently. This is due to the discovery of slabs with remarkable movement and veining, resembling quartzite. For instance, the conference table in our design studio features two bookmatched granite slabs, showcasing bold white veins running throughout.”

    Three-Dimensional Art

    “In 2022, there will be a trend towards embracing 3D art. As we spend more time at home, individuals are seeking to infuse their walls with whimsy, intrigue, and vitality. Art that extends beyond the flat surface and offers versatile configurations will be highly sought after.”

    This year, home decor trends encompass a variety of elements, from embracing warming neutrals and bold patterns to incorporating statement stoneware and three-dimensional art. Delicate pinks, soft neutrals, and warm browns are popular choices for achieving a natural and uncluttered aesthetic. Pattern play is encouraged, but with a balanced approach to avoid overwhelming spaces. Statement stoneware, featuring rich veining and deep contrasts, adds a touch of luxury to interiors. Additionally, expect to see a rise in three-dimensional art, providing whimsy and vitality to walls. Overall, the trend is towards creating cozy and comforting environments while also infusing spaces with personality and style.”



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