Survey Reveals 31% of Women in Tech Considering Leaving Their Jobs

    Skillsoft Report: 31% of Women in Tech Weigh Departure Over Management, Training, and Compensation Issues.

    According to a Skillsoft report, the technology industry continues to face the underrepresentation of women. This year, nearly 31% of women in tech are contemplating leaving their organizations within the next 12 months. The main reasons cited are poor management, inadequate training, and the desire for better compensation.

    The Reason

    When asked about reasons for leaving a job or employer, 40% identified department or company management as the primary factor, followed by 39% citing lack of training and growth opportunities, with only 26% indicating compensation as an influencing factor.

    Skillsoft’s CIO, Orla Daly, revealed that 85% of respondents perceive gender disparity in their teams, with 38% unhappy with growth opportunities. Daly stressed the pressing concern of potential attrition widening the existing gender gap in the tech industry.

    The Skillsoft Women in Tech survey, conducted online between September 2023 and January 2024, gathered over 500 comprehensive responses from women employed in various tech roles within the industry.

    Daly emphasized the importance of leaders providing intentional support and fostering critical skills to empower women to thrive, lead with efficacy, and propel business expansion in light of growing opportunities.

    Skillsoft’s yearly Women in Tech Report underscores a major obstacle for women in tech careers: a lack of training, particularly in emerging technologies like generative AI (GenAI). Despite 41% expressing interest in AI education, 60% are not currently utilizing it in their workplace.

    Of those who utilize AI, 63% face inadequate training and resources for integrating it into their responsibilities. This highlights the urgent necessity for robust training programs, empowering ladies in technology to effectively harness advanced technologies and bridge the gap between interest and practical implementation in their professional roles.

    Diversity drives innovation. Enhancing women’s AI skills fosters creative, fair solutions. Empowering women in AI advances innovation and inclusivity.

    Key Findings from Skillsoft’s 2024 Women in Tech Report

    For aspiring female leaders, power skills are crucial attributes.

    Around 37% of ladies in technology prioritize leadership and management skills, while 23% focus on project management. Key skills for tech leaders include communication, emotional intelligence, and active listening.

    Flexible work arrangements and professional growth opportunities greatly enhance talent retention.

    Skillsoft finds only 27% of women in tech highly satisfied with their jobs, with 37% considering role changes. Key dissatisfiers: managerial support (29%), current pay (28%), diversity, equity, and inclusion (25%).

    Certifications bolster confidence in work performance.

    According to the report, 36% of women in tech have enhanced their skills in tech areas through certifications. Half feel increased confidence with certifications, while a third gain trust and credibility among colleagues. Top certifications include Project Management, Agile and Scrum, and ITIL, IT Service Management.


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