Etihad’s Customer Feedback Survey Receives Brutally Honest Response from 6-Year-Old, Earning Just 1 out of 10 Rating

    A comment on the post emphasizes, “Never underestimate children; they are the customers of tomorrow,” in response to a six-year-old’s 1/10 rating of her experience with Etihad Airways.

    An entrepreneur, accompanied by his six-year-old daughter, recently flew in Etihad Airways’ business class. After their flight, the airline sent a survey to the daughter, asking about her experience. The father allowed his daughter to complete the feedback form, describing it as a “bloodbath.” He also revealed that his daughter gave the airline a rating of 1 out of 10.

    Mark, an entrepreneur known on X, shared his daughter’s feedback with the airline. She found the flight disappointing because her school friends weren’t onboard. The kids’ meal lacked chocolate, which she didn’t like, and there was no hot towel service for children. Mark noted that the kids’ packs in both business and economy class were the same, leaving his daughter wanting more. Additionally, he mentioned that in-flight entertainment (IFE) on Etihad doesn’t start until after takeoff, causing a delay, and pajamas were not provided.

    Mark explained the reason for the low rating, stating, “It all boiled down to Emirates crew offering her chocolates while Etihad did not.”

    An individual emphasized, “Never underestimate children; they are the customers of tomorrow,” in their post.

    Another commenter chimed in, stating, “Each point is legitimate. I’ve been responding to these surveys since they were introduced many years ago, but I’ve yet to witness any changes. Why does the in-flight entertainment (IFE) start so late?”

    A third commenter remarked, “Milk chocolate is quite significant,” indicating its importance.

    One commenter remarked, “Children speak the truth. Sometimes, that truth can be harsh.”

    “Etihad Receives One-Star Rating from CEO’s 6-Year-Old Daughter; Airline Responds”

    Etihad Airways commented, “She’s adorable. Hopefully, we’ll earn a 5-star review next time.”

    In a heartfelt response, Etihad Airways took note of the young girl’s feedback as outlined in the article and conveyed their aspirations for a future 5-star rating. Additionally, they extended a gesture of goodwill by offering to provide extra chocolates and facilitate travel arrangements for her school friends to accompany her on a subsequent journey. The CEO’s daughter’s honest assessment garnered widespread praise on social media platforms.

    Mark also tagged Etihad Airways in his post, informing the airline that he is a “Platinum” customer and that he and his daughter will be flying with them again. He expressed, “We’re flying again this Friday… impress us, and I guarantee you’ll win the internet.”



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