How FSD V12 in Tesla Saved a Life: Owner’s Hospital Journey

    An incredible story emerged recently. It involved Full Self-Driving V12. This technology assisted a Tesla Model Y owner. The owner was from Asheville, North Carolina. He required emergency medical attention. FSD V12 helped him reach the hospital.

    Maxpaul Franklin shared a detailed account. He posted this on X (Twitter). His Tesla Autopilot used the FSD V12 software. The advanced driver assistance software navigated the car. It took him to a hospital. The hospital was approximately 13 miles from his house. Maxpaul had a blood glucose level of 670, severe dehydration, and a minor heart attack.

    Max has multiple high-end vehicles, including Porsche, BMW, Acura, and Cadillac, but he didn’t waste any time selecting the Tesla Model Y with the FSD V12 fitted to take him to the hospital in an emergency.

    Max explained how Tesla FSD V12 drove him to the hospital as:

    Not having much time, I looked to my Model Y for help. I was shocked by the outcomes after using the new Full Self-Driving mode, which only required a double click on the steering column stalk.

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    The automobile drove the 13 miles from my house to the VA Emergency Room on its own without assistance, offering to park itself when it got there so I could get medical help right away.

    Elon Musk Reposts the Story of Max

    Remarkably, Elon Musk and Tesla’s official X business account both reshared the article on the social media network. The story reached millions of X users as a result of these reposts.

    All Tesla owners in the US and Canada are now eligible for free one-month trials, as of last month. On April 1st (Monday of last week), Maxpaul Franklin received his Full Self-Driving (Supervised) upgrade. This capability allowed his car to navigate. The car found the nearest hospital. At the hospital, he received emergency care.

    The formal release of Musk’s and Tesla’s (TSLA) narrative, however, has stoked division within the Tesla devotee group. A group believes that Tesla will suffer as a result of the automaker’s formal backing of such a story. A dramatic rise in the number of lawsuits filed against the business may follow.

    The other group, meanwhile, is applauding Tesla for its outstanding accomplishments in the field of developing software for autonomous driving artificial intelligence. An owner’s car taking them to the hospital is an unprecedented rescue tale. For this group, the time when owners’ lives can be saved by robot cars is almost here.

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    The first group we listed above claims that Tesla FSD is still classified as a Level 2 semi-autonomous driving technology. Tesla should not encourage users to use it for such medical emergencies until it reaches Level 5 full autonomy. However, the second group is grateful to Tesla and Elon Musk for giving them a taste of the amazing future that self-driving cars hold.

    Longtime Tesla owner James Locke wrote:

    Tesla FSD is still regarded as a Level 2 autonomous system, in my opinion. This implies that even with its sophisticated capabilities, it still needs the driver’s active participation and ongoing supervision. Even with FSD engaged, the in-car alerts are unambiguous: keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

    Spreading stories without providing disclosures in which FSD (Supervised) is utilized unintentionally could unintentionally imply that the technology is capable of doing important tasks on its own.


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