EVM vs Ballot Paper: The Evolution of Voting Technology

    The fundamental component of any democratic process is voting, and voting procedures have changed dramatically over time. Ballot papers have historically been the main tool used to record votes in elections. But as technology has developed, Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) have become a widely accepted substitute of Ballot Paper in many nations.

    Both approaches have benefits and drawbacks, and determining which is best for democratic elections requires an awareness of their distinctions.


    Around the world, ballot papers are a common sight in polling places due to their centuries-long use. Voters receive ballot papers indicating the alternatives or candidates for the election when they arrive at the polling place.

    Next, they indicate which candidate or option they have chosen by placing a checkmark or cross next to it. The ballot paper is folded and inserted into a safe ballot box once it has been marked.


    • When voters utilize paper ballots, they may see and confirm their selections in person. Before casting their ballot, they can make sure that it has been accurately recorded.
    • Voters of various ages and ethnicities may easily navigate and understand the basic ballot paper. To utilize them, no specialized knowledge or technological expertise is needed.
    • In the event of a disagreement or a recount, ballot papers offer a tangible record of the votes cast.


    • Paper ballot counting is a labor-intensive procedure that frequently calls for a sizable workforce and resources. Election results announcements may be delayed as a result of this.
    • Voter fraud is a natural byproduct of human vote counting and recording, which can result in disagreements and errors.
    • Especially in large-scale elections, printing, distributing, and gathering millions of paper ballots can be costly and logistically difficult.


    In terms of voting technology, electronic voting machines, or EVMs, are a technological advance. Votes are electronically recorded and securely stored by these devices. To choose their favored option or candidate, voters engage with the electronic voting machine (EVM) by touching a screen or pressing buttons. The vote is electronically kept by the machine after it is cast.


    • EVMs can cut down on how long voting and counting take considerably. Results can be obtained more quickly thanks to electronic vote tallying.
    • EVMs reduce the possibility of human error in vote counting and recording. Voters receive prompt feedback from them, guaranteeing that their decisions are appropriately recorded.
    • Even though buying an EVM can be expensive initially, over time it can save money by eliminating the requirement for labor-intensive physical labor and printed documents.


    • EVMs are vulnerable to hacking and tampering, according to critics, jeopardizing the accuracy of the election results.
    • Some voters may find electronic voting machines (EVMs) intimidating or perplexing, especially if they are not tech-savvy. This may result in some population groups losing their right to vote.

    Electronic voting machines (EVMs) and ballot paper both have advantages and disadvantages. Although ballot papers are straightforward and transparent, they require a lot of labor and are prone to human error. EVMs, on the other hand, are quick and effective, but others claim that they present issues with transparency and security.

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