Google to Remove Gmail Accounts: Two Actions You Need to Take

    Google has announced the start of a deletion process for certain Gmail accounts. However, there is no immediate cause for alarm. To protect their accounts, users are required to complete two specific actions. The necessary steps are provided in the details.

    In Short

    • Soon, Google will start the process of deleting certain Gmail accounts.
    • Google intends to remove accounts that have been dormant for an extended period of time.
    • Two simple actions can prevent an account from being deleted.

    Google has revealed its intention to start deleting certain Gmail accounts. However, users don’t need to worry immediately. The deletion process is scheduled to begin only in a few months. Before any deletion occurs, Google will send out multiple reminders. The reason behind Google’s decision to delete some accounts and the measures you can take to protect your account are outlined in the provided details.

    Google will delete your Gmail accounts if you haven’t done these 2 things

    The recent updates from Google will affect only those users whose accounts have been inactive for at least two years. If you haven’t logged into your Gmail or any Google service, such as YouTube, in over two years, your account is at risk of deletion. However, these changes are already in effect, Google has assured that it will not start removing accounts until December 2023 at the earliest. This gives users ample time to reactivate their accounts by simply using them.

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    Google has clarified that account activity is measured by individual accounts, not by the devices used. Actions taken on any platform while signed into your Google Account, such as on a phone, count towards this activity. If multiple Google Accounts are configured on a single device, each one must be actively used within a two-year timeframe to avoid deactivation, as stated by the company on its support page.

    Will Google directly delete your account without informing you?

    When an account is deemed inactive, Google will issue several reminder emails to the user’s primary and recovery email addresses. The company plans to send these notifications at least eight months prior to any deletion of content or account termination. Google also warns that once an account is deleted, the associated Gmail address cannot be recovered or reused, necessitating the creation of a new account.

    What is an inactive Google account?

    A Google Account becomes inactive after two years of non-use. Google may then delete any inactive account along with its data and activity. This policy applies to inactivity on any Google service. Additionally, Google may remove data from a specific product if there has been no activity in that product for the same period.

    How to keep your Gmail account active?

    To keep your Google Account active, make sure to send or read emails periodically within every two years. If that’s not your preference, simply using your account to watch YouTube videos, share photos, or download apps from the Play Store will suffice. Google’s goal is to see activity on any of its services through your account. This activity could include using Google Drive for storing files or utilizing Google Search. Any of these actions will ensure your account remains active and is not subject to deletion by Google.

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    To avoid losing your Gmail account, make sure you follow Google’s guidelines by staying active and regularly checking your email.

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