Sony PS5 Pro to Feature Enhanced GPU, Ray-Tracing, and Memory: Report

    Sony is preparing to introduce a new variant of the PlayStation 5 later this year. The tech news outlet, The Verge, reported this on Tuesday. The report disclosed the specifications of the forthcoming console.

    Reports indicate that the upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro console, known as Trinity, will feature a more powerful GPU. It will also have faster CPU clock speeds. Enhanced game graphics are expected, especially when ray tracing is enabled.

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    The report states, Sony is pushing developers to employ additional visual techniques like ray tracing. Additionally, if creators contribute noteworthy improvements, games will be eligible to bear the moniker “Trinity Enhanced.”

    The aims to enhance the performance of PS5 Pro titles through patches. The company is hopeful that developers will issue games in a single package. This package would support both the PS5 and the Sony PS5 Pro systems.

    GPU Features of Sony PS5 Pro

    Experts anticipate a significant upgrade in the PS5 Pro’s GPU rendering capabilities. They expect these capabilities to exceed the basic PlayStation 5’s performance by approximately 45%. To help accomplish better ray tracing, the future console will have a bigger GPU that uses faster system memory.

    The PS5 Pro reportedly incorporates an advanced ray tracing architecture from Sony. This new architecture is expected to deliver performance that is up to three times faster than that of the standard PS5.

    CPU Features of Sony PS5 Pro

    The CPU in the PS5 Pro will match that of the standard PS5 model, with a notable addition. A new mode is introduced to increase the clock speed. Reports suggest that the PS5 Pro includes a setting targeting a 3.85GHz CPU frequency. This frequency is about 10% higherthan that of the standard PS5. For comparison, the CPU of the standard PS5 operates at 3.5GHz.

    Other Features of PlayStation

    In terms of system memory, Sony is increasing it on the PS5 Pro by 28% to 576GB/s from the 448GB/s it runs on the regular PS5.

    The PS5 Pro will feature the PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR) function. This function is designed to improve frame rates and image quality. According to reports, the company developed a unique machine learning architecture for the Playstation 5 Pro that can process 300TOPS of 8-bit data.

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    The anticipated improvements in GPU, ray-tracing, and system memory could elevate the gaming experience on the Sony PS5 Pro, offering gamers higher performance and more immersive visuals.

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