Spotify AI Playlist: Create Custom Playlists with Unique Prompts

    Key Highlights

    • Generative AI is used by Spotify AI playlist function to generate customized playlists.
    • The new feature is presently being tested in beta by Premium subscribers.
    • Customized playlists are delivered by Spotify’s AI interpreting user requests.

    Big Tech firms are actively integrating AI features into a wide range of digital services. They are using generative AI to tailor searches and outcomes to individual users. This includes everything from search engines to food delivery services. Spotify is also embracing this trend. The company has launched a feature that uses generative AI. It allows users to generate playlists by providing specific prompts.

    Spotify users can already like songs and craft their own playlists. Yet, building a playlist often takes a lot of time. To make this easier and enhance the music experience, Spotify introduced an AI playlist function on Monday. It’s still in beta for Premium users. This new option lets users create playlists using written prompts.

    Spotify AI Playlist Feature

    Spotify’s AI playlist feature is set to debut in the United Kingdom and Australia. It will be available on Android and iOS devices in the coming months. Users can access the feature by simply typing a unique prompt into the chat. This will summon a tailored playlist catering to their specific preferences and mood.

    Spotify highlights the AI feature’s potential by stating, “Are you searching for ‘an indie folk playlist to give your brain a big warm hug,’ ‘relaxing music to tide you over during allergy season,’ or ‘a playlist that makes you feel like the main character’?” Spotify’s AI Playlist can fulfill these requests.

    Spotify’s AI feature encourages users to be inventive with their playlist prompts. You could ask for “purrfect serenades for your feline friend” or “epic beats to battle zombies.” The prompts can be about any topic, including places, feelings, beloved characters, or colors. For a truly tailored experience, Spotify suggests mixing genres, moods, artists, and time periods in your prompts.

    How to Access Spotify AI Playlist Feature

    To use the AI Playlist feature, go to the Spotify app. Find “Your Library” in the screen’s bottom-right. It’s right there for users to explore.

    In Your Library, tap the “+” button at the top-right of the app. Then choose “AI Playlist.” This is how users can start using the feature.

    Users have the option to select from recommended prompts or invent their own. They can be detailed and creative. Examples include “melancholic tunes for painting wilting flowers” or “soundtrack for a sunset horseback ride.” This allows for personalized playlist creation.

    After selecting a prompt, Spotify’s algorithm generates a playlist tailored to the specific mood desired. Users can tweak these playlists by previewing and deleting tracks. They can also give feedback to the AI Playlist for better curation, such as asking for “more pop” or “less upbeat” tracks.

    Hit “Create,” and the playlist you’ve just made will save in Your Library instantly. It’s a simple tap away.

    The feature provides new interactions with music, but it’s still in beta. Spotify’s AI might not reply to prompts unrelated to music or to offensive content. Users should use the feature with care.

    Spotify has disclosed that it employs large language models (LLMs) for understanding user requests. These models work in conjunction with Spotify’s personalization algorithms. These algorithms examine a user’s listening habits and preferences. As a result, Spotify can produce distinctive playlists from particular prompts. The creation of this feature involved a range of AI and machine learning tools from outside sources.

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