5 LEGO Sets That Command Unbelievable Prices

    If you are an expert LEGO builder or buying for your children, you might know that some LEGO sets are expensive. However, if you seek sets that are out of print or unavailable in toy stores, you may face higher costs. This situation arises from a difference. The difference is between the most expensive LEGO sets available in stores now and those that are the most valuable.

    The most valuable LEGO sets are those that hold high value, even when not actively for sale. Sometimes, you can find these sets on the secondary market. At other times, they may not be available for sale at all. This is similar to other highly valuable collectible toys, such as Hot Wheels. It’s possible that some of the sets’ owners are unaware that they own them. You might be lucky enough to discover a LEGO set at a yard sale or flea market. You could pay only a few dollars for it. Yet, it could be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The relative rarity of the majority of these sets accounts for their high value.

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    Many of the top 20 most valuable LEGO sets are “Star Wars” or superhero-related; many others were either given away as promotional sets at internal LEGO activities or at Comic-Con, or were initially limited edition kits that were never sold at all.

    Unexpectedly large and intricate is the LEGO secondary market. The database of the website BrickEconomy has a plethora of data regarding the background and projected worth of more than 18,680 sets. The website even forecasts investment growth for sets based on characteristics like rarity and past sales using sophisticated algorithms.

    These are the top five LEGO Sets right now, according to BrickEconomy, and they’re worth far more than you may think.

    5. LEGO Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Exclusive T-Rex

    LEGO kits for “Jurassic Park” and “Jurassic World” enjoy popularity. Surprisingly, “Jurassic World” merchandise ranks as the fifth most valuable LEGO kit. This ranking is unexpected compared to larger franchises like “Star Wars” or “Harry Potter.” Several factors contribute to the high value of the LEGO Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Exclusive T-Rex kit. The current value of this kit, item #4000031-1, is $10,083.33.

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    This T-Rex was not retailed, in contrast to the majority of other “Jurassic World” models. The kit was not sold through regular retail channels. Instead, it was part of a marketing campaign. This campaign was for the 2018 movie “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.” Toy stores and other retailers distributed it. There were only 500 sets produced, of which 100 were distributed only in Belgium. The set appears impressive when assembled. However, you might hesitate to remove it from the box. Doing so could decrease its value. The kit contains seventy components total, and the brown and yellow T-Rex model is shown on a silver-colored pedestal. Displaying the toy dinosaur in its full glory might tempt you. This display could cost over $10,000. Yet, the allure of showcasing it is present.

    4. LEGO Castle

    Only the original LEGO Castle (item #375-2) among the five most valuable LEGO sets today was available for sale in stores. The other sets are limited edition promotional products, which sets them apart. Since its debut in 1978, LEGO has released many Castle models. However, this particular kit was the first. The website BrickEconomy refers to the model as the “Yellow Castle.” They describe it as one of the most famous and beloved sets in LEGO history.

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    It was also exclusive to Europe, Australia, and Canada, which made it even more difficult to find and, in a sense, more precious. Experts project that the LEGO Castle’s value will increase to $14,479.68 in five years, from its current value of $10,642.75. The rarity of mint condition pieces largely determines the set’s overall worth. These pieces are scarce because the model is over 40 years old. Used versions of the kit can range in price from $319 to $492. There are 14 minifigs in the LEGO Castle, including a variety of vibrant knights, and 767 pieces total.

    3. LEGO Bionicle Tahu Mask (NYCC 2014 VIP Event)

    With a current valuation of $16,393.54, the third most valuable LEGO set is a LEGO Bionicle Tahu Mask that was given away during a special VIP event. Launched in 2001, the popular LEGO theme Bionicle features a fictitious planet of oddly constructed biomechanical creatures. The intricate multi-media plot features numerous tribes and formidable beasts. It has found representation in movies, video games, comic books, and more. One of the most important characters in the Bionicle universe is Tahu, a formidable elemental fighter.

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    Today, Comic-Con 2014 items can be worth over $300. However, the true gem is a limited edition version of the model. LEGO made only 100 of these highly rare masks. They distributed them at an invite-only VIP event. This event took place at the LEGO store in the Flatiron District to celebrate the Bionicle relaunch. Each Tahu mask came with a unique card backing. These backings were numbered from 1 to 100. They featured a red strip that said “2014 NYCC VIP LEGO BIONICLE Event”. You could be able to make a lot of money if you find a Tahu mask with this designation.

    2. Spider-Man (San Diego Comic-Con 2013)

    Spider-Man LEGO sets may be rather valuable, which is not surprising given the character’s ongoing appeal in modern culture. The Spider-Man minifig stands out as particularly valuable, ranking as the second most valuable LEGO set ever. San Diego Comic-Con 2013 exclusively offered this item as a giveaway. Presently valued at $16,853.65, it has gained almost 20 percent annually on average.

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    At SDCC 2013, a raffle of 350 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes promotional kits was held. But there’s more to this Spider-Man’s value than just the comparatively low quantity of units. The design of the Spidey suit drew inspiration from Andrew Garfield’s portrayal in the 2012 film “The Amazing Spider-Man.” The rarity of the SDCC 2013 Spider-Man stems from the absence of official LEGO models for this Peter Parker version. LEGO never marketed these models because it did not have the rights to the franchise. If they had gathered the correct promotional items, Comic-Con attendees that year might have made a sizable profit; a Spider-Woman minifig from the same convention is presently worth $9,264.68.

    1. LEGO Operations Mexico 2011 Molding

    The LEGO Operations Mexico (LOM) 2011 Molding (item #4000002-1) may surprise you as the most valuable LEGO set. This modest gray building set currently holds a value of $39,490.90. That’s more than double the value of the second most valuable LEGO kit. The major factor driving up the value of a rather simple-looking gray warehouse model is its rarity.

    LEGO provided the set as a gift to the employees of the structure. This structure was the second LEGO molding plant built in Mexico. The company did not sell the set in stores. In 2011, LEGO handed this first-of-its-kind gift set to the factory workers. Since that time, LEGO has produced many kits depicting the company’s factories. These kits can each cost hundreds of dollars.

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    The 174-piece LOM 2011 Moulding set features gray bricks to represent the factory, with its main entrance situated in the middle. The set’s value has risen quickly since its launch in 2011. It is predicted to surpass $61,000 in five years, making it an excellent investment. This prediction applies only to sets that remain in mint condition and are unopened. Opening the box devalues the set by 99.75 percent, considering that a well-maintained used set costs only $97 on average.

    Final Words on Lego Sets

    These five Lego sets offer more than just the joy of building—they provide incredible investment potential. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the world of Lego, these sets are worth exploring for their unique value and potential appreciation over time.

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