Congress Unveils Nyay Patra: Key Promises for 2024 Lok Sabha Elections

    As the anticipation surrounding the upcoming Lok Sabha elections intensifies, the Indian National Congress (INC) has unveiled its manifesto. The manifesto titled ‘Nyay Patra’ outlines a comprehensive vision for the nation’s future under its leadership. With a slew of promises aimed at addressing pressing socio-economic issues and ushering in transformative changes, the Congress manifesto has garnered considerable attention across the political spectrum.

    Raising Quota Caps and Socio-Economic Census:

    One of the standout pledges in the Congress manifesto is the commitment to pass a constitutional amendment to raise the cap on reservations for Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), and Other Backward Classes (OBC) to 50 percent. Additionally, the party vows to conduct a nationwide socio-economic and caste census. This will help in implementing targeted policy interventions and ensure equitable socio-economic development.

    Abolition of the Agnipath Programme:

    Congress promises to abolish the Agnipath programme. They will also direct the Armed Forces to resume normal recruitment to achieve full-sanctioned strength. This move underscores the party’s commitment to restoring institutional integrity and efficiency within the defense establishment.

    Statehood for Jammu and Kashmir and Foreign Relations:

    Addressing contentious issues of regional autonomy and diplomatic relations, Congress pledges full statehood for Jammu and Kashmir, signaling a willingness to engage in meaningful dialogue and reconciliation efforts. Furthermore, the party aims to mend relations with the Maldives and restore the status quo on India’s borders with China, prioritizing national security and diplomatic stability.

    Economic Reforms and Social Welfare:

    To alleviate economic hardships and promote inclusive growth, Congress guarantees a national minimum wage of ₹400 per day. This aims to provide much-needed support to vulnerable segments of the workforce. Additionally, the manifesto promises to implement minimum support prices (MSP) for farmers and reserve 50 percent of government jobs for women.

    Empowering Women and Farmers:

    Recognizing the pivotal role of women and farmers in India’s socio-economic fabric, Congress pledges to empower women. They aim to ensure greater representation in government employment and enhance support for agricultural livelihoods through MSP implementation.

    As the political landscape evolves in the lead-up to the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the release of the Congress manifesto underscores the party’s commitment to progressive reforms and inclusive governance. With ‘Nyay Patra,’ Congress seeks to articulate a compelling vision for India’s future, promising to prioritize the welfare of its citizens and uphold the values of democracy and social justice. Stay tuned for further updates and analysis on the unfolding electoral dynamics.



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